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Industrial training refers to the placement of students in an organisation. To conduct supervised practical training in the industry sector within the stipulated time before their graduation day. This also help them be such a credible, creative and proficient graduates by elevating the students’ knowledge and skills in a specific profession of their respective fields. 

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Tips for trainees during industrial training :

  • Punctuality is number one.
  • Wake up early and prepare beforehand. This will give positive impact on the supervisor’s assessment.
  • Wearing appropriate clothing to work to make it easier to carry out and complete all tasks effectively.
  • Choosing a workplace that suits the field of study makes it easier for them to practice what they have learned at university. 

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Internship Application

As an interns, it is very important for you understand each task so that you can easily do and complete it according to the company’s regulations.

In addition, you also need to ask and discuss with the coordinator when you do not understand the instructions given. So that you can complete a task/ work perfectly and efficiently. 

Assignments and logbook management

However, it is more beneficial if students do not rely solely on the assignments given. Students should study the ins and outs of company management more thoroughly. It can make it easier for them to adapt quickly the company’s conditions in order to become more productive individuals.

They should also show a deep interest in the assigned work. By reading further information or seeking additional information from other sources to avoid the terms ‘don’t know’ or ‘not taught’.

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Learn and developing new skill

Trainees, you should prepare a logbook as best as you can and if there are any mistakes, make an improvements immediately.

You are advise to build a good relationship with supervisors and all staff. This will help to develop your skill in compatibility, cooperation and helping each other.

Furthermore, as a trainee you are advisable to always prepare the training reports immediately. Update your progress to the coordinator without fail.

Ensuring oneself are completely proficient with each assignment as well as the cooperation and guidance given by colleagues helps to facilitate the smoothness of the assessment when the lecturer makes an assessment visit. 


Industrial training provide wide experience if trainee give fully commitment to complete the task. This also able to highlight their leadership, teamwork, ability as well as the improvement of their hard and soft skills as desired by employers and lecturers when they practice all these tips during industrial training in the workplace and the field of their choice.

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